Covering the entire tendering process, this sophisticated solution improves the quality and efficiency of transactions between a buyer and his suppliers.

MyTenderNet™ is a sophisticated web-based solution designed to cover the entire tendering process from tender specifications right up to tender approval and award. The system’s processes and features are based on Industry Best Practices, including workflow functionality which routes documents to appropriate people or alerts individuals of actions in the system, collaboration facilities enabling several people to work on creating an ITB (Invitation to Bid) document and automated evaluation of tenders and award notification.

MyTenderNet™  enables online tender issuance  and invitation to bid. Suppliers receive tender invitations and download tender specifications online -supplier proposals  submitted online are processed as file attachments to the Supplier Tender Submission for each specific tender.

Online evaluation tools allow buyers are able to enter the weighted scores onto the Supplier Scorecard attached to each supplier proposal and once a final decision has been made, MyTenderNet™ is used to issue the results of the tender exercise electronically to the participating suppliers, via email.












Tender Specifications Document Creation – Allows creation and distribution of  the Tender Specifications Document online, real time via a secured network. Users that are enabled will have the necessary access rights to create the Tender Specifications Document.  The Tender Specifications Document is a folder, which contains a softcopy of all documents that form the tender specifications.  Once created and registered, the Tender Specifications Document and its contents cannot be amended as a security measure.  Each Tender Specifications Document is assigned a unique Tender Registration reference number.

Online Vendor Selection – Allows selection of suppliers with specific characteristics or criteria based on the supplier profile. The tender administrator logs on to the Supplier Portal to select registered suppliers to be sent the tender invitation.  The tender can search for suppliers with specific characteristics or criteria based on the supplier profile.  The tender administrator can then further identify individual suppliers and include them in the list of selected suppliers for the eTender.

Online Tender Invitation Issuance – Allows creation of tender invitation for both open and restricted with the relevant instructions for the suppliers to participate . The tender administrator creates the tender invitation with the relevant instructions for the suppliers to participate in the eTender.  Depending on the type of tender, eTenders can either be Open (any registered supplier can participate) or Restricted (strictly by invitation only).  For Open Tenders, the tender administrator can choose to not send any tender invitations to suppliers.

Online Tender Specifications Document Download – Only authorised or invited suppliers are allowed to download Tender Specifications Documents using an authorisation code. Suppliers are able to download the Tender Specifications Document online and each download is registered to enable the tender administrator to track the tender download activity.  For Restricted Tenders, specific users of the invited suppliers have to be registered and authorised to download the Tender Specifications Document.

Online Supplier Tender Submission – Suppliers can either submit their tender proposals as hardcopy or softcopy. Suppliers can only participate in eTenders if they have been invited.

Tender Evaluation – Captures the weighted scores onto the Supplier ScoreCard which can be attached to each Supplier Tender Submission. Supplier ScoreCards can only be edited and/or viewed by authorised users of the evaluation committee.

Approval and Tender Award –Once the final decision has been made on the tender award, the tender administrator can create the tender results notification, which is then sent to all participating suppliers.  The tender administrator can also create a formal Letter of Award, which is in the form of a Word document.  The tender exercise can then be officially closed.  Once closed, with the exception of reports, the Tender Submission Document cannot be accessed by anyone except by the tender administrator.

Audit Trail - MyTenderNet™ is able to produce activity logs at different levels, as required by the administrator. In full or debug mode, all activity (add, modify, delete) and any maintenance is recorded at the application level, index level and query level, with all interactions with the system recorded at all times.  In a less stringent mode, only errors in the system would be kept.

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