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Our Story

We help medium and large enterprises save time, effort and money for increased profit.

MyBiz is a company fixated on developing technology which transforms the way business is done online.  At the intersection of what one business needs from another is the potential for value to be created differently.  This intersection for the exchange of value requires technology but in fundamentally very different ways from traditional enterprise systems.  MyBiz believes that the chemistry of business is the business relationships between enterprises.  The strength of the business relationship drives the success and future of the business.  MyBiz believes that these business relationships need to be captured and orchestrated.  MyBiz developed our proprietary Business Relationship Network engine, a platform to capture business relationships as data to drive new business services which create value efficiently.


When we put our platform to test with Buyer/Seller relationships, MyBiz created spend management, strategic sourcing, category management and procurement services which rivalled the established global leaders, with a team of less than 30 full-time employees.  Global analysts referred to MyBiz as the “modern example of procurement services with a range of tightly integrated products” when reviewing the top 14 procurement BPO providers in the world.  Analysts also ranked MyBiz as one of the top Strategic Sourcing solutions globally.


Our MyBiz platform provides the foundation for asset-based consulting which is developed and delivered to our clients at amazing value-for-money Return On Investment.  MyBiz believes our technology platform and people have proven our capabilities.  Now it is time for MyBiz to grow globally.

Our Corporate Purpose:


  • MyBiz brings transparency, accountability and auditability to how corporations and public bodies spend their money.


  • MyBiz enables business organizations to generate cost savings and manage risks.


  • MyBiz manages to bring compliance and efficiency thanks to automated and easy-to-use modules.


  • MyBiz believes it is time to think differently about procurement by getting a strategic role.


Multi-industry Customers:


  • Oil & Gas        

  • Property

  • Telecommunications

  • Banking & Insurance

  • Construction

  • Airline

  • Healthcare

  • Plantation

  • Automotive

Success stories

Our clients’ achievements demonstrate more on our capabilities. Learn how MyBiz solutions help companies to achieve their procurement objectives and achieve their savings goal through spend management and digital transformation.

Try our solutions today

Whether you want to increase profitability, improve efficiency or reduce cost, we are here to help you achieve your goals. Request a free demonstration of our live solutions from our consultants and explore how our solutions can bring value to your company.

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