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Strategic Partnership

Throughout the world, MyBiz Solutions builds relationships with local, regional and international partners and clients.

MyBiz recognizes that we can reach more clients worldwide if we partner with global leaders.  MyBiz has formed business alliances with partners in this region who complement our strengths with their knowledge capital, industry competencies, advisory services and trusted track records to create incredible value for our clients.  High impact and high value business advisory and consulting services are made more affordable through the use of our technology and products.  Typically we can generate a positive Return On Investment within the first 6 to 12 months and 3X to 5X return on Total Cost of Ownership over 5 years. 


MyBiz is partnering with KPMG to develop the next generation of Asset-Based Consulting for our clients, who are industry leaders throughout the region.  We are extending our Spend Analytics to Tax Analytics and Audit Analytics to provide Actionable Insights by identifying savings opportunities, potential wastages and gaps in governance to effectively manage our clients’ spend and improve their value-for-money procurement and investments.  

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