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Contract Management

Deliver value through the management of all your contracts through a single repository of contracts between an organisation and its suppliers. This online contract solution reduces insecurity, cost, dependency and risk of business transaction on a company level.

Why MyContractNet?

Digital transformation

Transform paper-based contract to digital contract and simply enhance contracting process and workflow within the system to ensure timely execution

Alert on important dates

Create reminders for contract expiry and renewal, specific deliverables and to-do task for each contract, no more missing contractual deadlines or commitments

Mazimize contract value

Get better spend overview and control through a seamless connection of contract and other procurement modules that allows more visibility and transparency

Increase efficiency

Make contract monitoring easier for your employee and reduce dependency on a single employee to manage contracts, let them advance to contract value creation 

MyContractNet features


Contract creation and repository

Straightaway contract with suppliers after being awarded. Easily create a contract and store it in a safe secure portal that is easily accessible by your team. Every authorised user can manage the contract lifecycle from creation, execution, and overseeing contract renewal.

Notification and reminders

Minimize risk by setting up alerts for contract renewal and expiry to ensure better contract management and relationship with suppliers. Email reminders can be set up for the intervals you prefer.


Assign to-do task

Efficiently manage team members and assign to-do task for each contract. Take note on every deliverable and milestone for every contract to avoid risk. Our contract solutions can help you manage your team and send reminder for the tasks assigned.

Seamless connection to eCatalogue

Safeguard spend with on-contract suppliers with the right item and the right price. Easily add contracted items into the catalogue to ensure purchases are as negotiated.


Commentary by world's leading IT analyst and industry leader

Heads of procurement that need to establish sophisticated operations for, and insight into, their procurement data (which they are struggling to do using internal resources) should also consider engaging the service.

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Success stories

Our clients’ achievements demonstrate more on our capabilities. Learn how MyBiz solutions help companies to achieve their procurement objectives and beat their savings goal through spend management and digital transformation.

Try our solutions today

Whether you want to increase profitability, improve efficiency or reduce cost, we are here to help you achieve your goals. Request a free demonstration of our live solutions from our consultants and explore how our solutions can bring value to your company.

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