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Advancing sourcing efficiency through fast and easy eTendering process. MyTenderNet™ covers the entire tendering process, from tender specification, clarification, technical and commercial evaluation, up to negotiation and award. This sophisticated solution improves the quality and efficiency of transactions between a buyer and his suppliers.

Why MyTenderNet?

Reduced cost

Prices tendered for individual items can be evaluated against actual historic prices of current and past tenders to understand the actual cost

Improved quality

Single point of access for both you and the bidders/vendors to do business securely and with integrity through a paperless tender process

Increased efficiency

Reduce sourcing time for complex projects from months to weeks by streamlining and automating tender processes

Improved transparency

Governance and compliance are enforced for tender
approval, policy and
process, and any
addendums and changes are tracked

MyTenderNet features


Effortless and paperless eTender 

Process for tender issuance to bidders and bidders submission of responses are effortless through your own eProcurement portal. You can save more time and space while supporting the environment too.

Online communication with bidders

Manage all communications with bidders online automatically. Easily send notification and communicate with bidders through the portal with features like questions and answer, clarification, and negotiation that are recorded in the system to ensure fair bidding.


Tender analytics and evaluation

Get your tender analytics to understand your whole eTendering activities. You can also choose the right information for analysis and compare tender responses and scores with just one click. Enjoy tender evaluation without hassle through a one-view comparisons. 

Flip eTender to eBidding

Our eTender is designed to seamlessly connect with other sourcing activities to help you make decision for strategic sourcing. You can conveniently flip an eTender to an eBidding event. This holistic sourcing management will keep track of all activities for good governance.


Commentary by world's leading IT analyst and industry leader

For this vendor's product and services, Gartner further evaluated: E-Sourcing: strong support
Ease of Use: exceptional.

Magic Quadrant for Strategic Sourcing Application Suites


Success stories

Our clients’ achievements demonstrate more on our capabilities. Learn how MyBiz solutions help companies to achieve their procurement objectives and beat their savings goal through spend management and digital transformation.

Try our solutions today

Whether you want to increase profitability, improve efficiency or reduce cost, we are here to help you achieve your goals. Request a free demonstration of our live solutions from our consultants and explore how our solutions can bring value to your company.

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