MySpendNet™ utilizes business rules to auto-classify and analyze procurement spend data beyond what is available in established Enterprise Resource Planning and legacy systems.


Make the right sourcing by visualizing/analyzing the whole operating flow data in a real time basis.

MySpendNet has helped organisations save Million$ by helping them understand and control their Spend

Auto-classify and analyze spend data in ERP systems

  • MySpendNet™ gives you Actionable Insights into your procurement spend.  Take control over what you spend on, with who, on what terms and at what prices.  Gain control over your spend.


  • MySpendNet™ auto-generates business rules to automate the classification of raw spend data to provide category managers in-depth analysis at an unprecedented granular level of detail, previously unattainable by generic BI tools.


MySpendNet™ uses 3 modules to conduct spend analysis: 

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MyDataCube™ - Automate the extraction of raw spend data.  Transform and enrich your data with additional benchmarks and industry metrics.  You don’t need ICT skills to create or uses spend cubes.  

MyDataConn™ - Take controls of your analysis of spend.  Find the data you want, and our system will auto-generate the rules to automate the classification for you

MyDataDeck™ - Use our storyboard to guide your presentation.  Present your analysis, findings and recommendations interactively.  Drill down to details online or offline.  

MySpendNet™ sits on top of legacy ERP systems and extracts  data across multiple disparate sources (e.g. AP, GL, ERP, eProcurement, P-card, Bank feeds or outsourced service providers e.g. contract manufacturers, logistics providers).The extracted data is then warehoused, classified and analysed on a monthly basis to assist sourcing strategy. This approach allows Procurement Users to refine cost savings while Finance users continue in the manner in which they are accustomed, as back-end systems are not affected.  

By understanding spend behaviour, Procurement users can:

  • Identify savings opportunities

  • Leverage buying power

  • Reduce procurement costs

  • Improve efficiency

  • Monitor compliance

  • Improve supplier relationships

  • Perform Supplier ranking