Enjoy Your Work

At MyBiz, we believe that the human mind is like chewing gum. Once stretched by an interesting idea, it never quite regains its original dimensions....

  1. Grab a blank piece of paper

  2. Draw 2 Columns

  3. On the left, write down everything you like doing

  4. On the right, write down everything you’re good at


How many match up?

At MyBiz, we match your passions and interests to your Career path. As you grow and develop with us, you’ll find that opportunities that once looked attractive no longer sync with your expectations of a satisfying career or that working on something that seemed remote and esoteric is the key to life-long satisfaction.

Provided you can deliver (or handover the job you started with) to our satisfaction and you have the appetite to take on new challenges, you’ll find us game!

Life is an adventure, or nothing. Where you begin doesn’t mean your career is pre-ordained. MyBiz wants you to be really, really good at what you do and that means helping you find the perfect branch for you in the Career Tree of life.