Not just a word, but a state of being.

What makes us do it? 

Our approach to work is simple. An (almost) all-consuming passion to live HAPI-ly! HAPI is the way we want to live our journey. Our core values, so to speak! For most people, work is work and play is play. But for us, we believe work is play and play is work! After all, didn't we learn through play when we were kids?

HAPI stands for Have fun, Anything's possible, Personal Best and I build trust. It allows us to enjoy what we do, believe the sky's the limit, always put our best foot forward and depend on our colleagues without worry.


- I have a choice
- Work hard play hard
- I enjoy what I do

Anything's Possible

Who dares wins

Never say die

Mesti Boleh

I make it better

Personal Best

I make it happen
Be all I can be
Be true to myself
I do not quit, I learn

I Build Trust

I say what I do, I do what I say

To achieve the state of HAPI, you need discipline, integrity, commitment, and a good sense of humor. You need passion and compelling belief. In striving to be HAPI, you will find you'll have fun in practically every endeavor, achieve the seemlingly impossible, reach your full potential and make a lot of friends. Now that is something really worth meditating on...

Ready to take a journey with us and see our values everyday?