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Chief Excutive Officer

Born on the 1st of January (0101), Cheong Yuk Wai is a true digital baby. Although blessed with looks and build that would not look out of place in the World Wrestling Federation, Yuk Wai is in fact a deep thinker and visionary.

He also founded CyberCare - a charity organisation that nurtures abandoned, abused and orphaned children using information technology as the springboard to bring out their leadership and potential to help them realise unlimited possibilities for themselves and the world.

As CEO of the MyBiz Group, he is the company's guiding light. Besides his family, charity and work, his greatest passion is guitars and his ultimate ambition is to have an onstage jam session with Joe Satriani.



Product Development

Serena Lim is probably one of the most focused people you could ever meet. She carried her Dean’s List and 4.0 CGPA  work ethic and intelligence through to her job and has applied it at MyBiz since graduation – where we recognised her potential in University and swooped in to convince her to join us while she was still in her final year!

Well versed in the HAPI way, she ensures that Projects are delivered on time and on budget. She leaves no stone unturned in her preparation and expects everything to go as planned – if it doesn’t, she smoothly segues into a backup plan to make sure that everything becomes smooth sailing as soon as possible.

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